Order of the translation acception and delivery
* By submitting the text for translation the Client acknowledges his agreement to these conditions if no other agreement is in power between Client and the translation bureau (further in text – Bureau).
* The Client submits the material for translation to the Bureau via e-mail or any other way acceptable to both parties. The translations are delivered via e-mail or any other way acceptable to both parties.
* The Client is obliged to submit the material for translation in eligible form. In case when the material is illegible the Bureau has right to cancel the translation or perform it partially.
* Bureau has right to decline any Client irrespective of conditions.
* The format and structure of the source text, if possible, is kept in the performed translation if the source text has been submitted in MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint formats. If the Client has submitted text in any other format, the Bureau delivers the translation in MS Word format. The Bureau can perform translation in specific format chosen by Client if the separate agreement is in power between both Parties. Formatting is considered as separate service and therefore separate fees apply.
* The Bureau transfers full rights to use translation to the Client only after the full payment sum has been paid for provided translation services.

Terms and prices
* The Bureau holds right to discuss the payment sum for provided services or cancel the provision of services if after the text appraisal the Bureau is confident in inability to provide the translation in given terms.
* The payment sum for provided translation services is calculated according to the price list current at the date of translation if no other agreement is in power between Parties. The price list is published at the Bureau’s web-page The minimum payment sum indicated in the price list is applied. The Bureau has right to demand full or partial advance payment for provision of services.

* The deviation from initial agreed payment sum are allowable in cases when the amount of ordered work or change in the level of complexity of translation are introduced by the Client during the performance of translation. The Bureau has no right to apply increased payment fee for provided services without prior Client’s consent. If the Client refuses the increase the Bureau has right to cancel further performance of translation.

* The translations are performed within the agreed terms. In case when the Client demands the translation before the agreed term the Bureau has right to demand additional payment, previously agreeing with the Client. In case when the Bureau is unable to perform the translation in the agreed term the Bureau informs the Client about the fact and the Parties agree on further conditions of fulfillment of obligations.

* These rules and conditions may be changed by the Bureau